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Should I take pictures of my food?

Hell Yes! OK maybe it's not that obvious, but living in a culture obsessed with food...looking at it, dreaming about it, and of course eating it, you can fit right in. I'm a vegetarian (Part-Time Vegan) and I make beautiful and tasty food (Not humble obviously =P). As a farmer's market junkie, I love to experiment with whatever odd veggies are in season. With my recent move to the Midwest (Chicago) I'm in a heaven with new veggies to try that didn't exist in Arizona (Well not fresh at least). I love to share what I've come up with. Many of my omni friends (Yes, that's what us plant based eaters call you meat eaters) comment on how good it looks and they "would eat that". Hey, I'm not looking to change the world here, but getting an omni to eliminate meat in just one meal a week can make a difference!

Don't want to look like a douche bag? Then don't take pictures of your food. But if you're OK with annoying the people you're eating with, (I am) Here some tips:

  1. Don't let the food get cold. Take a few quick pics. If you have a good eye you don't need to take 100 photos, a Snapchat video and Instagram video. At the end of the day it's still just food.

  2. Share the love. There is nothing worse than seeing an amazing food pick and having no idea where you can a taste of it. Tag the business, or share the recipe! I'm a yelper (Insert Southpark joke here) so I also give love back to the business (when deserved)

  3. Frame the shot: Find your focus and clean up the areas around the shot. It's okay to have more than just food in the shot, but a messy background or a blurry shot will not give your food the attention it deserves.

So whether you're capturing a moment of cheesy goodness, or taunting you're healthy choices, take a quick snap and then dive in. Feel free to check out my food journey on Instagram. Keep in mind I'm not a food blogger, just girl who loves to eat and take pictures of her poodles and experiences.

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