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I’m a lover of all things social both online and offline. I’m a firm believer that social means real social interaction. Too many people are so focused online that they forget to have engagement with people face to face. Not me. I want to see your face!


How'd I get into Marketing?  After years of running a team of project managers through manufacturing and development processes, I took the leap into Social Media and Marketing. From my days of being a server in college until now, I have always had a passion for the customer, and doing anything possible to give them the best experience. It was an exciting transition!


As with most social marketers, I had to convince our executives that social media is not just "facebooking" all day.  Through hard work and dedication I quickly built a customer-focused, revenue driving power house.  This success allowed me to take on more scope within digital and eventually leading all of digital strategy.  Fast forward 15 years,  which brings me to where I am today… leading digital marketing teams.  


I’ve built 3 teams from the ground up with minimal budget or resources .  I believe that with strategic leadership and solid data, anything is possible.


My area of expertise is in people leadership, digital marketing, social media, data analysis, strategy, process and project management,  content marketing, product marketing, email marketing, SEO, and online customer experience. 


Click Here to see past presentations and upcoming presentations.

Personally, I love food, travel, my family, my poodles and good spirits!  I'm a 30 year vegetarian (Yes before it was cool), and a self proclaimed chef who always boasts that I could win "Chopped" ... but secretly fears I'd be eliminated in the first round. Peep @thingstonieats to see whats on my plate this week.  

When I'm not leading marketing strategy, you'll find me running the lake with my miniature poodles, Guinness and Stella, eating my way through Chicago or exploring new countries with my hubby (AKA... my Giant or Bab-Buh!) 



Social Media Marketing


Content Strategy & Marketing


SEO/SEM & Inbound Marketing


Brand Reputation & Community Relations


Customer Experience 


Project & Program Management 


Process Design & Improvement


Analytics & Reporting 


Leadership & Training 

Dedicated Team Player


Avid Learner


Left Brain Thinker with a big dash of right brain ideas


Self-Directed Sense of Humor


Master of Multi-Tasking 


Determined to always "Make it work"


Efficient traveler 


Animal Lover


Queen of the House (Don't tell the Hubby)

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