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Interview Tips for Millennials

I've interviewed at least a hundred millenials over the last few years and I'm shocked on how little they know about interview etiquette. Here are few tips for Millennials from a hiring manager's perspective.

1. Dress like you want the job

This doesn't mean a 3-piece suit, but it certainly isn't jeans, or leggings and a crop top in a business setting. Unless you've spent time in the office, or if it's a start-up, assume attire is business casual and dress accordingly.

2. Do your research

Take at hour and learn about the business, it's history, products and services. Then learn about the team you're applying for. LinkedIn is a great resource for this. There is no need to set your profile to private for this. As an employer I see it as a positive when a potential candidate views my profile, it's means they're doing their homework. In my position, my team's work (social media) is pretty public, anyone who hasn't spent some time on our social channels before an interview... will not do well.

3. Bring plenty of resumes and a notebook

Always bring multiple copies of your resume, or ask the recruiter how many people will be interviewing you. Bring a notebook to take notes during the interview. In this notebook should be notes and questions already prepared based on your research (see step 2).

4. Ask Questions

An interview is a two-way conversation, a good hiring manager will reserve ample time for you to ask questions about the position and the company. Utilize every minute you can, it's important that you know everything necessary to determine if the company and the position are the right fit for you.

5. Follow Up

Always ask for a business card from the interviewer. Take a few hours to review your notes and think about how the interview went. Then, send an email with any questions you have about the position, and reaffirm that you would like to proceed with the next steps. Try to do this the same day of the interview or the following morning at the latest.

I could offer up a dozen more tips, but these are basic interview tips that are necessary to land the job that you want.

Have more questions about interviewing? Contact me!

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